Twists to Wrap-Arounds

This hairstyle is one i did on my hair model who is in her tween years. It is nice on little girls, tweens, teens and even moms! It hold well all day and she got a TON of comments.

1. Part hair in half and put a clip in one half to keep it out of the way.

2. Make a  uniform twist with all the hair so that it is looking like so.

3. Secure all that twist in a ponytal with a rubberband.

4. Make that ponytail into a wrap-around ponytail like so:

5. Repeat this process on the other side.

The end result:
P.S: She has a few fly aways because we had to take a shot after she came back from  school since the lighting wasn't cooperating this morning.

And enjoy!

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