Rihanna Style Bun

So last night little miss Sassy took a shower. When she got out we decided to put curlformers in her hair. The next day when she woke up, I saw a hairstyle that Rihanna was wearing so I tried it since it was involving curls.

1. This is what she looked like with the curlformers in her hair when she woke up.

2. Then we took out the curlformers and these were the curls. Gorgeous aren't they! ( I f you do not have curlformers, you can do this hairstyle by simply curling your hair with any kind of curling iron.)

3. Then I VERY LOOSELY took her hair and tied it up into a ponytail with a rubberband.

4. Take random chunks of hair and just pin it up any way you want and bobby pin it in place. (I don't know if you can see it because of the flash, but what I'm holding is hair and there is a bobby pin securing it.)


5. It should now look something like this.

6. Finish it off by putting a big headband. This was our finished look.

This is what it looks like! Do you like it? My hair model absolutely loved it. But you do have to keep in mind that because it is just secured with bobby pins it might not be a perfect hairstyle for a day where she will be running around a lot.


New Choosing A Perfect Hairstyle for Long Hair

Women whose hair reaches to their waist or beyond are faced with a challenge when they want a new and exciting hairstyle without cutting away any of their hair. Many styles are designed for medium length hair; to the shoulders is the most common length. Some styles which claim to be for “long hair“ only work well for hair that reaches to the shoulder blades. The good news is, there are many beautiful styles which work well with very long hair, and which need not be difficult to wear. We‘ll look at three basic categories pictures of long hairstyle below.

The Braid

New Choosing A Perfect Hairstyle for Long HairLong Braid Hairstyle Picture

The Bun or Knot

New Choosing A Perfect Hairstyle for Long HairLong Bun Hairstyle Picture

The Ponytail (and Variations)

New Choosing A Perfect Hairstyle for Long HairLong Ponytail Hairstyle Picture 1

New Choosing A Perfect Hairstyle for Long HairLong Ponytail Hairstyle Picture 2

Taken from http://latest-fashion-hairstyles.blogspot.com/

Gul Ahmed Fashion 5


A leading textile Mill in Pakistan

Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd has been awarded the most prestegious marketing excellence award of "Superbrands" of Pakistan. Superbrands Ltd., an independent organization that promotes the dicipline of branding by paying tribute to exceptional brands throughout the world, has chosen Gul Ahmed as a Superbrand from the top 100 brand names from all business sectors in Pakistan, based on its exceptional performance, quality products, good governance, and over 5 decades of excellence in the field of textiles. Most importantly, Superbrands status is not just an award, it is the endorsement of our

Taken from http://boyzfashion.blogspot.com/

New Trends Emo Hairstyles

New Trends Emo HairstylesNew Trends Emo Hairstyles

New Trends Emo HairstylesNew Trends Emo Hairstyles

Taken from http://latest-fashion-hairstyles.blogspot.com/

Scene Girls Hairstyles with Side Bangs for 2010

Scene girls can be seen all over the popular downtown malls and coffee joints wearing bumpy and stylish hairstyles and colorful headbands. Scene hair with side bangs covering one side of the face or slightly falling over the forehead is a little new trend among the scenesters. In fact, it was one of the most popular fad in emo boys and girls. However, scene boys and girls have also started to develop a liking for scene hair with side bangs.

Scene Girls Hairstyles with Side Bangs
Scene Girls Hairstyles with Side Bangs for 2010
Scene Girls Hairstyles with Side Bangs for 2010


Scene Girls Hairstyles with Side Bangs for 2010

Taken from http://latest-fashion-hairstyles.blogspot.com/

For All Those with Thick Hair

thinning shears image credit massugu.be

Thinning shears(or thinning scissors as I like to call them) should be used to thin out your hair. I suggest Massugu thinning scissors as these scissors have been designed specifically with the beginning hairdresser in mind. These are simply gap-toothed scissors that cut only half the hair. These also come with various gap sizes, depending on what you need cut away.

I've seen how many people struggle with thick hair and I can just imagine the pain it is to manage it, hope this helps.

Taken from http://emohairstyle.blogspot.com/

Is it Too Late?

Hey everyone!
I know this is late but I wanted to show you guys what our first of day hairstyles were. Since these two hair models are tweens, we opted for something looser. We got these amazind hairdo ideas over at Cute Girls Hairstyles. her work is just amazing and we are loving all her tween 'do's.

* You can check out these hair tutorials HERE and HERE

I have also been noticing that no one is commenting. I know that it is up to you guys to chose to comment or not but sometimes it would just warms us up. So please comment. The hair models come back from school evryday and the first thing they do is look if someone has commented. So please do it. And it is also fun to know what others think about our posts. It's just a click away!


Hand Coloured Engraving

This hand coloured engraving (click) is from a William IVth fashion periodical called La Belle Assemblée. It came complete with the text, a fashion description of fabrics and styles of the greatest detail for May 1831. Descriptive text is so often missing so this was a joy to read.

At 24cm by 15cm, La Belle Assemblée is often much smaller than people expect when they first buy original prints. That's because at about 9" tall it was intended to be held for reading.

However the smallness means the engravings have a delicacy and daintiness, making them even more attractive to collectors.

Instead of collecting vintage or antique fashion clothes, many people choose to collect fashion related paper ephemera. This can include such diverse items as costume plates, fashion plates, ladies magazines, paper dressmaking patterns, paper fashion dolls, fashion drawings, fashion related antiquarian books and costume or fashion related photographs. Some of these items can be antique, vintage or reproduction items related to the era, but all capturing aspects of fashion through illustrations made long ago.

I collect fashion plates of both authentic and reproduction types. Just below is an example of a quality hand coloured 1831 fashion plate engraving I own and taken from the magazine La Belle Assemblée. This print was purchased from the eBay seller Cabrio4 who specialises in Regency and Romantic engravings. You can read more about the history of La Belle Assemblée and other fashion periodicals with fashion plates in my new section coming shortly.

As well as having a professional interest I collect my fashion plates purely for pleasure, based on criteria many women will understand. It's a completely non intellectual, non academic approach most of you will recognise. Firstly I ask myself - 'is it pretty??' Secondly if I buy it, 'might it be the start of a new room colour scheme? Thirdly 'might it come in useful for my website?' I honestly don't mind if it's a reproduction as long as I like the print and the quality of the original work shines through. Some prints on offer are crude and poorly executed, but as with most collections, with time you become more discriminating.

Taken from http://antiquedress.blogspot.com/

Fashion Tips And Pictures Reviews

Pick up a pair of ankle socks to wear with spring shoes
There aren’t many people who can pull together an inspiring look for the airport, but leave it to Chloe Sevigny to whip up something amazing for the LAX gateways. We are particularly fond of her socks, an accessory that had quite a moment at the spring shows. The ankle-hugging hosiery was on display at Anna Sui, Comme des Garcons, Gareth Pugh and Louise Goldin, as the designers showed these small socks paired with booties, platforms and sandals alike. Of all the slim socks offered, we fell hardest for the ones shown on the Burberry runway, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be (apparently they were only made for that show). We’ll console ourselves with a pair from Topshop, their Supersoft Ankle Socks ($6) might make us feel better.

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

Fashion Tips And Pictures

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