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If you are looking for an all black emo hairstyle pictures, check out these diverse looks. Whether you want that sophisticate chic look, a natural do, sleek or just wanna look exotic and mysterious. You will be amazed by the many different hairstyles for black emo hair that are available. SammyxMariiie Gallery will help you pick an emo or scene hairstyle that is perfect for you. No blondes, no highlights, just black.

Emo Anime FanArts

emo art

I recently ran across a German website that has some really interesting emo fanarts.

emo boy

Tylers Haistyling Tips

emoboy - hair
emoboy hair
As far as what i do to style it, for the old haircut (1st pic) I used to comb it all down and straighten it in front of my face, then comb it kind of over my right eye and with the other bang to he left side and re-straighten it in its new position (thick wavy hair doesn't like to cooperate) Then for spiking out the back when the mood struck me, i'd kind of run my fingers up the back of my head and pull out the water after a shower to sort of sudo-dry it in that position already, then when straightening came i'd straighten it straight up, and finally I'd add some texturizer and run my hands up through the back and pull out ward, we have a closet in my house where you can see behind you so i'd usually use that to check for missed spots, don't add too much or it'll fall down, then usually once i got it staying nice and up I'd use the left over Texturizer on my hair to smooth it out and kind of hold it in place, my hair is thick so i'd basically pancake my bang between my palms and smoothen it out. then add a bit of hairspray to the back to hold it in place.

For my new hair I'm still experimenting The back is cut so I can spike it out But I've decided to go with wax to spike it which i'm still experimenting with (hence why i have no pictures of that) If you have really long hair i'd suggest some type of wax, simply because it has structure and seems less like lethal spikes than gel, and texturizer would barely help and you'd be holding everything up with hairspray alone otherwise. However it would be a similar idea, running your waxed fingers through you're hair and pulling outwards to make all of the hair stand up, for the front and sides, i pretty much just straighten them and add a bit of texturizer to hold them in place or Depp anti-frizz depending how staticy my hair is. For the bangs I simply straighten everything out and comb it into place so it blends nicely. once it grows a bit further i'll be able to do a fore head showing part but at the moment it doesn't work out to well.

So there is what i did for my old hair and what i do for my new haircut... theres actually a story behind my old haircut and the transitions it underwent before i got it as i liked it..then lobed half of it off lol.


Funky Colors

This gal has a short black mane with a chunk of powder pink on three side to match her tank top.
A retro purple scarf, fuchsia & black polka dots, & teal blue eye shadow add to pizazz of the whole look.

Very Short Bangs and Spiky

This red haired lady has super short bangs that are cut in an arch shape to follow the borders of the face. This area is styled straight and smooth and combed forward while the rest of the locks spring in to action with random spikes. A curling iron could be used to get some bend in the strands as they stick up in the back. A strong hold hair product would be necessary to sustain this look.

Short Spiky Red Crop

This cut has lots of layers to make gaining lift on the top easy. The sides are directed forward while the top has lots of random spikes. The pieces have definition that can be created with defining hair products. The rectangular eyeglasses are very trendy right now.

Edgy Bleach Blonde Men's Haircut

He has fine narrow locks that work well for this look. The back fringe comes down above his collar & the ears show through as well. His dark eyebrows add a contrasting appeal to his fair skin & light hair color

Dance Funky Couple

The girl is wearing a yellow strapless dress & her date is wearing a white shirt & bright royal blue tie. He's a short layered cut & is wearing a matching blue hair accessory. The dude has short mohawk & is wearing trendy glasses. They look a bit funny & nerdy with the "omg-am-I-really-with-you" look

Red and Black Choppy Hairstyle

This is a short and uneven hairdo with bangs spikes on top. The colors are black and red. It is has some fringes along the neck. Dark eye make-up and a lip ring polish off the look

Short Choppy Blonde and Blue

This is an asymmetrical cut and color. Bangs are cut at an angle from very short to long and are styled to the side.

Funky Bride

Multi-colored short hair is certainly out of the ordinary for a bride and this gal takes it a step further to have matching paint colors dripping down the face and dress. Her white dress has a halter took with sheer lace on the top. A chihuahua substitutes for the bouquet.

Wedding Partial Updo with Flower

This style shows off the length in back while keeping the face open. A big white silk flower is attached to the side and matches the gown. This has a modern and romantic edge.

Wedding Hairstyles

Beautiful large curls updo

Long curly hair with beads

Piled large bun updo accessorized with crystal beads

Wedding Hairstyles

To make your wedding day absolutely unforgettable, your hairstyle has to be beautiful, as such a special occasion warrants it.

Beach Hair With Sea Breeze

Beach hair achieved through the sea breeze .

Jessica White Beach Hair

Loose hair can be a bit chaotic as the wind can not be tamed at the beach

Sexy Beach Hair

Sexy beach hair style that is flirty and gorgeous

Beach Hair

The easisest way to accomplish the beach hair style is to go to the beach for a few hours where the sea breeze will do it for you. But if you cannot go to the beach, you can get the beach hair at home, .

Beach hair is wavy hair with a messed-up look. Beach hair is very sexy & a perfect hairstyle for any casual occasion.

Alyssa Milano Sexy Look

Alyssa Milano with a sexy pose - wavy hair, black bikini and romantic flirty look.

Alyssa Milano Punk Hairstyle

Alyssa Milano with a short punk hairstyle ..

Blonde gothic hair

Blonde gothic hair with a unique and sexy mysterious look.

Gothic Hairstyles

Gothic hairstyles are a type of punk hairstyles which are intended to appear romantic and mysterious. Gothic hairstyles are most common among teenagers, but there are adults who also wear them.
These gothic haircuts are mostly black, although they also may be a very light shade of blonde.

Asian Hair Style

Asian hair style, bun with hair chopsticks.

Curly Asian Hairstyle

Very nice, elegant Asian curly hairstyle.

Japanese Hair Style

This is a popular Japanese hair style.

Kelly Hu Layered Hairstyle

Kelly Hu with a nice layered hairstyle.

Chinese Hair Style

Unique Chinese hair style, unique fashion statement ... and sexy eyes

Asian Haircut

Elegant Asian haircut just perfect for the summer.

Chinese Hairstyle

Very nice Chinese hairstyle that looks elegant

Tinseltown's Hottest Medium Hairstyles

Jessica Biel Biel's layered hair style is sweet and chic

Tinseltown's Hottest Medium Hairstyles

Debra Messing

Hollywood is all about the hair these days--whether long, short, or the perfect in-between state. Here are some of our favorite medium-length hairstyles that have hit streets of Tinseltown.

Medium Haircuts

Hairstyles are personal style statements. Hair cuts are important for a person to exude confidence. Convenient length happens in medium haircuts. The length is easy to maintain & offers variety in styling. It is advisable to actually browse through pics on haircuts & understand the necessary maintenance factor before you actually cut your tresses.

Climate changes the texture of your hair. Modify in the season or a geographical shift means that you require to modify your shampoo & conditioners. Medium hair cuts can adjust the shape of your facial features. When hair is left open, the features look different & a high pony tail is perfect to beat the summer heat. Accessorize your hair & maintain a fall. Looks can be cultivated for casual every day wear & also formal party times.

Blonde hairstyles look great with absolute poker straight hair & partings can bring about a different look. Make sure to keep arranging your hair with the fingers every time it gets awry. Sometimes let the natural wavy hair have its own fall. Use a simple blow dry process & let hair loose. Manageable haircuts for medium length hair can be explored in simple blow dry methods. Formal corporate medium haircuts can be chic in even length. A coaxing with curlers can transform it to an uneven fall & that seems perfect for an evening out.

Side swept bangs are haute fashion. Learn the art of blow drying for a styled medium haircut. Understanding the facial features & the jaw line is important & this is the job of your hairstylist. Layers are feminine & it adds volume. For narrow & lanky hair, layered medium hair cuts are the best. Try the rare V cut & curl the ends for a different appeal. The eternal U is the best hair cut that suits all lifestyles.

Use a trendy medium haircut in sedu hairstyle or a shag cut. Colour your hair suitably for that perfect makeover. Updo styles can also be done with medium haircuts since the length is right. Keep hair loose near the earlobes, falling over the shoulders while modelling a pinned-up hairstyle on a medium hair cut. Go for wavy curls with a lovely nourisher on jet black hair. Complete the look with kohl liner in the eyes.

Elegant Hairstyle and Dress

An elegant hairstyle with a sexy dress makes a woman look her best

Short Wavy Hair

A short wavy hair with a happy smile

There might be lots of hairstyles for wavy hair out there, but if you don't take care of your hair, & manage those beautiful curls, then your hair is going to own you, & take over your style, ruining everything in the method.

Do you love curls? If you do, then you will have lots of choices to pick from when it comes to haircuts for wavy hair. There's styles for short, medium, & long wavy hair, formal, & even informal occasions.

*Shampoo Designed to enhance Curls
*A Conditioner that is formulated to reduce frizz & boost shine.
*A Curl Enhancer; this will tighten without making your hair all fuzzy.
*Finally, a Curl Controller, these are applied to dry hair, & will define your curls individually, making them last longer without frizzing.

When you are managing your curls, you require to at least pick the right products that are right for your type of hair. Here are one of the basic hair care products for wavy hair that you will require:

Do you require loose curls? You ought to crunch your hair as its drying, or use a larger hot roller.

When you style your hair, make sure you only use a comb or pick, never use a brush, they will make your hair frizz right out.

When finishing off your style, do not forget to use the right curling enhancing & defining products or hairspray.

Require tight curls in lieu? Well then, you are going to require to wrap your curls around a pencil, & dry it with a diffuser, or, in lieu, use a smaller hot roller.

With those easy steps that I showed you, you will be able to always manage your curls, & your curls will no longer manage you. recall, always have some curl enhancing products handy, otherwise, you may find it harder than normal to own your own curls

Lovely Short Hair

This nice short haircut creates a sexy look.

Asian Short Hairstyle

Nice short haircut on a beautiful dreamy girl.

Paris Hilton Short Haircut

This short haircut looks great on Paris Hilton. Inspire yourself and copy this haircut

Short Black Hair

Short black haircut that works great to enhance and highlight her facial features.

There's plenty of favorite black hair styles around like braided, locks, sleek and straight, curly, short and funky or twisted and intricate hair styles. Whatever hairstyle you wish to select, it is important to pay special attention to your facial features and bone structure. This is because a quantity of the black hair styles can take your most stunning facial features and make them even more stunning!

Two thing to recall for the perfect black hair style is to take account of your build. For example, a close cropped black hair style does not suit two with a giant frame. So recall to make sure that your style and frame balance each other! The shape of the face has to be taken in to consideration when choosing the correct black hair style. Fundamentally, there's one face shapes; oval, round, square, heart and rectangular. Whatever face shape you may have, it is better to select a hair style that makes your face appear more oval. The reason the oval face is identified as the best facial shape is because of the perfect symmetry of a quantity of the facial features it's, like the distance from the lips to the bottom of the chin.

If you do have a heart shaped face, you can make it appear more oval by positioning the weight of the black hair style at chin level. For those with round faces, it is best to minimize the cheekbones with some height in the bang. For square faces, it is better to have a hair style with short edges and texture directed towards the face. And for those with triangular shaped faces, more height and fullness should be present at the crown. With these generalized hints on black hair styles, you ought to go to a beauty parlor to get your hair cut accordingly!

For All Those with Thick Hair

Thinning shears(or thinning scissors as I like to call them) should be used to thin out your hair. I suggest Massugu thinning scissors as these scissors have been designed specifically with the beginning hairdresser in mind. These are simply gap-toothed scissors that cut only half the hair. These also come with various gap sizes, depending on what you need cut away.

I've seen how many people struggle with thick hair and I can just imagine the pain it is to manage it, hope this helps.

Soft, Smooth and Shiny Hair in a Flash

emo girl hair
Having soft, smooth, and shiny hair does not have to be difficult and expensive. Just follow these few simple steps and you will have beautiful and luxurious emo hair in no time.

First, brush your hair several times a day. Brushing helps remove the dirt, dust, and grime that get trapped in your hair. It also helps distribute the natural oils produced by the scalp, from the roots to the tips.

Shampoo your hair every other day and condition it everyday. Shampooing on a daily basis may strip off the natural oils that moisturize the hair. Conditioning it, on the other hand, restores lost moisture and keeps the natural oils in place.

Use cold water as much as possible when washing your hair. This seals the hair cuticles and locks the conditioner as close to the hair follicle as possible.

Give your hair a hot oil treatment once every two weeks. Mayonnaise or egg yolks can be used as an alternative to expensive salon treatments. Spread mayonnaise or egg yolks combined with olive oil all over your hair, concentrating on the ends. Cover your hair with a shower cap for 10-20 mins and then rinse well.

Eat lots of food rich in B-vitamins and proteins, like bananas, soybeans, avocados, eggs, grains, and red meat. The nutrients found in these food items are responsible for healthy and shiny hair.

Refrain from using heated styling tools and alcohol-based styling products as much as possible, as this can easily dry out your hair. If it cannot be avoided, use thermal styling tools and water-based styling products, which cause less damage to the hair.

Lastly, have your hair trimmed every six weeks to keep it in tip-top shape. This gets rid of the dry ends and keeps the rest of the hair looking good and healthy.

Emo and Scene Kids Part II

emo scene hair
YES, the major difference between emos and scenesters are their attitude. But I don't believe all 'scene kids' have an original personality, as you say 'dont follow the personality'. Yea, they dont follow the emo personality. But they still have one they mostly all have.. they think highly of themselves.

Another difference is, emos are generally natured to black. Scene kids love colors. Rainbows, neon colors..anything and everything!(Although I see emos starting to like rainbows now..xD)

Another thing is the 'obsessions'. Emos love, mostly Jack Skellington, and such things as that. While Scene kids are more into the look of say, Sanrio characters, like Hello Kitty. And also, Gloomy Bear is a big thing for them.

While emos and scenes are close to each other, I think the difference is more than what it seems. It isnt just the personality, but the style too. The common thing shared among them is probably the hair. But scene hair is most definately BIGGER.xD

You should be able to tell the difference, on the spot, from an emo or a scene kid. Guys are harder to distinguish than girls most of the time. But see a guy with a lot of confidence and he seems like hed have a big mouth on him, wearing bright colors, and big sun glasses..I think its safe to assume hes 'scene'. While a guy wearing mostly black, quiet in the corner, walking slowly..well, thats emo. But even if an emo doesnt follow the personality, you can still tell them apart by the overall style.

By: Stephie

Adam Lambert for the win Hairstyle

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert hair

Adam Lambert picture