Don't Know What to Title This?

Like the awesome title I came up with? I really did not know what to call this 'do but if anyone has an idea on what to title it just comment below and I will rename my post.

For a hairstyle that is quite simple, yet cute we knew this was the perfect match. This hairdo is perfect for sports like soccer where you have a game and then you have to go some place else because to make this hairdo a little more elegant you could just curl the pigtails and add bows.

1. Make a rectangular shape section on top of head.
2. French braid your section BUT when you get to the part where you just end it as a braid, split the hair in 2 and just normally braid both sections. have your daughter hold the braids temporarily.
3. Bring all the hair back into 2 pigtails (adding in 1 braid on each side) and secure your pigtails with rubberbands.

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