French Braid To Side Braid

Hey everyone!
With school starting soon everyone must be very excited. We also want our darling daughters to look perfect on the first day of school, BUT since it is the first day, evryone will be so buisy getting back on track that we won't be having as much time to style our girls hair as we did this summer.

This hairstyle is a quick hairdo that I think will be perfect for the first day of school; it is cute yet simple but it surely will be getting attention.

1. Part her hair on the left.
2. Make a square shape on top of her head.
3. French braid the square section. and secure it about one inch down from the square.
4. Bring all the hair to the right side of her head and brait it.
5. Secure the braid and if you want a little more cuteness add a flower or bow.

BE SURE TO ADD HAIRSPRAY since they will obviously be running around alot on the first day.

Enjoy and have a great first day of school.
When do your kids start school?

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