Fashion styles

Fashion styles

Although almost every single man or woman is trying to create his or her own original and unique style, we can notice that there are some people who look similar in a way. They prefer a certain style, with some particular rules. The choice of style depends on a person's ideology, friends, his/her way of living and many other things. The style itself represents you, even some attitudes of yours and some of your character features. Let's discuss some of the best known fashion styles.

One of the most fashionable styles at this moment is the EMO style. This trend now circulates between teenagers all over the world. The code EMO actually refers to "emotional", therefore, not only looks are important, but the personality as well. EMO's are usually wearing tight pants and a striped, bright colored shirt. They may also have piercing in such places as lips, septum, tongue or eyebrows. Don't be surprised if you'll notice a boy wearing makeup, it's a part of the style - both boys and girls are wearing lots of it.

Another style is bohemian. It's surely one of the most difficult styles to describe, yet almost everyone could point the person who looks bohemian. Girls are usually wearing long skirts and shaggy blouses. The only way to describe people who prefer bohemian style is to say that they are all original. Their clothes might seem old and worn off, they carry huge bags, but you won't see anybody wearing the same clothes.

Hip hop fashion is surely one of the most popular nowadays, especially among youngsters. Boys commonly wear baggy pants and jumpers. Most of them usually wear various hats and a lot of shinny accessories, colloquially called "bling". Girls, although some of them prefer baggy clothes as well, are more into the sexy style. Short skirts, a lot of nude body and golden accessories are common amongst hip hop girls.

It is important to point out that those styles are commonly noticed between young people. Mature, middle-aged people are as not much into such fashion as the younger generation. Some of them are fallowing up latest trends, others simply dress the way they like and feel comfortable. The only style from this list that can be distinguished among the older folks is probably bohemian. We mean, when have you last seen a 50-year old EMO?

Another style is more like a life style than a fashion style. It's punk style. People dress in jeans and leather jackets all full of metal accessory. They are against society, they rebel against most things society offer, they don't work, don't study. Punks do whatever they want to do. Teenagers like this style because of its idea, but most of them grow up and start living a normal life. Yet there are some who remain punk for the rest of their life.

There is one, easily noticeable but rather rare fashion. It's gothic. Goths cover themselves in black and whiten their faces. People who are into this style are commonly depressed (on the outside) and say that the only reason for living is sorrow. Just as with punks, goths usually lose their style when they mature.

Style may talk about your character, your way of living and your even...

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