Marian's Hair-stick Bun

Note: This hairstyle was done with “leftover curls” from the Marian’s Braided Headband tutorial. Follow step 1 to get the same effect. Also, the model has longer hair than Lucy Griffith’s did on the show (and super full hair on top of that!), so her finished bun is somewhat fuller than Marian’s.

Step 1: Part your hair

You’re going to section your hair into 3 roughly equal parts, going from ear to ear, so to speak.

Clip the top two out of the way for now.

Step 2: Twist

Pull the hair straight up, and smooth with a brush or comb, then twist the hair as shown.

Roll it around once and pin into place, leaving a tail poking out of your bun. Leave the tail for now.

Step 3: Second layer

Take down the second section, and divide roughly in half.

Slightly twist one section as you pull it across to the opposite side and secure it right above the bun with a couple pins.

Repeat with the other side.

Next, take your tails and shape them into curls, securing around bun as shown.

Your finished step 3 should look something like this.

Step 4: Top layer and finishing

Create a side part way far over to one side.

Back comb the base of the smaller section to give it volume, pull it across and twist it as before.

Secure with pins.

Repeat with other side, and arrange the tails from both sides into curls.

Mist with hairspray, and stick in a decorative hair stick or two. Or a dagger. But be careful, you don't want to cut your hair off on accident.

We put in a brown one, which you can just barely see in the picture below. My model wasn't too keen on the idea of a dagger in her hair.

Just gorgeous!!!!