Comparison between Scene Hairstyles and Emo Hairstyles

Scene Hairstyles and Emo Hairstyles Comparison

Scene hairstyles are typically identified with emo hairstyles but the fact is that scene hairdo took a lot of inspiration from emo hairdo resulting to what it is today. While you are likely to be called emo if you have scene hairstyle, there are actually differences between the two.

Emo hair has simply come into existence in the scene hair that you see today. In any generation, the clothing style changes with time as do the hairstyles.

Over the past 3 to 4 years time, emo has become well-known due its intensive exposure on the internet that most people who are not aware of the scene culture do not see the difference between scene hairstyles and emo hairstyles that they tend to call scene hair as emo hair.

Even from the start, there were already some differences between scene hair and emo hair. When emo hairstyle prospered, it became more expensive to have scene hairstyle. Before, female emo hairstyle appeared almost the same as normal hair to many people who are used to see bright colors and extensions used in scene hair.

Emo hair is blond with some monotone dye applied. The haircut is not designed to use a lot of hair products or maintenance. Scene hair is long which has pretty layers flowing to the face.

Female scene hairstyle is one of the most colorful hairstyles designed with extensions, extreme dyeing, loads of hairspray and intense hair straightening jobs. Emo and scene hairstyle for guys have also changed a lot into what you see today.