Victoria Beckham Fashion Bob Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl and wife of the famed David Beckham, has truly become a style icon. Not only does she always wear the hottest outfits, but her most recent hairstyle has taken the world by storm. Beckham’s now famous bob cut really brought this historic style back into fashion.

Victoria Beckham's Bob Hairstyle

Rather than the traditional ‘do, though, Beckham transformed the old, blunt bob into a modern, trendy cut. Her bob, or as many have dubbed it, the “pob,” features a reverse angle where hair is longer in the front than in the back. She wears her cropped cut sleek and straight, a style best achieved with a quality flat iron.

Victoria Beckham's Hairstyle

With not a single strand out of place, the star truly looks chic and classy. As for her part, Beckham keeps her locks separated slightly off-center. This helps create a modern, asymmetrical look. Ultimately, her take on the bob is definitely new and unique. However, it quickly gained popularity and now women around the world can be seen wearing this funky style. In fact, many other celebrities have followed Beckham’s lead and started showing off their own variations on the bob. Despite the slew of copies, though, it seems the original is still the best.

Victoria Beckham's Latest Short Hairstyle - October 2008

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