Elegant Unique Side Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

For women wanting to let their hair down a little for the wedding, this hairstyle creates a beautiful look by pinning the hair in a unique side ponytail. The look brings more attention to the side and is very flattering with strapless wedding dresses.

Elegant Unique Side Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle
Step 1. Longer Locks

For women with shorter hair, the best way to achieve this is with extensions or clip-ons that would be attached to the back. For women with thin hair, the bunching of the locks will create a fuller appearance.

Step 2. Adding Curls

The next step is to add the curls. First start by adding some curl enhancing hair product to towel dried hair. Blow dry and then spritz a heat protecting spray throughout the hair.
Use a large barrel curling iron and create curls through slightly more than half of the length of the strands. Tease the hair at the crown and add a little lift to it. Create a wide part in the front and brush the hair back.

Elegant Unique Side Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle

Step 3. Pinning the Hair

Finally, collect the curled tresses to ones side and pin just to the left of the nape of the neck. What is unique is that some of the strands are wrapped and looped around the pinned locks. This is not necessary but does create that extra touch. Finish with some hold spray.

Step 4. The Tiara

Although this wedding hairstyle would look great as is, the addition of the jeweled, floral tiara adds an element that turns the bride into a princess. A gorgeous piece like this one really does nothing but enhance the hairstyle.

Taken from http://latest-fashion-hairstyles.blogspot.com/