Rosette Ponytail

This hairstyle is a cute yet simple hairdo for the days you are in a rush or just don't know what to do with your daughters hair.

1. Part hair on natural side.
2. Pull all the hair back into a ponytail and rubberband it.
3. Divide your ponytail in half. having about 1/3 on top and 2/3 on the bottom.
4. Divide your top section in half and twist one of the two sections up into a twisty bun type of thing.
5. Secure it with a smaller rubberband.
6. Repeat steps 4 to 5 for the other section.
7. Hairspray

P.S: If your hair has tons of flyaways on the twist you could add pomade to help. You could also spray water on the hair before doing the style.

See you next time!