Shifting to Thrifting

Shifting to Thrifting


When the economy isn’t at its best and jobs aren’t easy to find, how does one go shopping and still be fashionable? The first thing that came to my mind was: thrifting! Although I don’t go thrifting that much (I really just don’t go shopping), I find thrift stores awfully cheap with some items that you could never find at a regular store. Plus you can find some designer items that are worth so much more than the price at thrift stores.

But what about all those other people that resent going to thrift stores? They always tell me, “Someone else has worn that,” or “It’s not new.” Yes, someone else has probably worn the clothes sold at thrift stores, but what’s so wrong with that? Or some find thrifting part of the lower class and hate the idea of bargain shopping.

I really wouldn’t feel the pressure of going into a thrift store and I don’t look over my shoulder to see if someone’s watching. Nor do I feel guilty about buying something that I know I could have bought at full price. All I can say is that as long as the clothes are fashionable I don’t mind going thrifting for it. Some of the most stylish people thrift, so why not? And this is for all those people that think they need to spend lots of money to look good: You really can’t buy style!

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