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Celebrity Hairstyle

Hairstyle of Mandy Moore is various. She always changes her hairstyle frequently to bring out certain characteristics with each deferent style. She will change from golden blonde to dark brown, from long hair down her back to a short pixie cut style, and then back again. She loves to change her hairstyle with the season changes.

Celebrity Hairstyle

Mandy Moore has long and beautiful hair which allows her to wear number of different styles. She sometimes wears her hair with bangs. They look great straight down or swept to the side. To make her hair look soft and gorgeous, Mandy Moore wears her hair naturally straight long. Sometimes, she pulls back her front hair to draw your attention to her face and collarbone. When her hair is straight down, she curls her hair up to add some volume.

Besides long hairstyle, Mandy Moore also likes short pixie cut with dark golden brown. It looks causal and fun. This hairstyle can be worn in a number of different ways according to different occasion. Mandy Moore falls her hair around her ears, and tucks it behind. You can see that sometimes she use some cute pins or clips to pull back top sections. She is so cute. To add sophistication, she makes her curler. She also makes herself a punk look by using spray, gel or wax to add some definition to the ends.

Hair coloring can strengthen certain characteristics. It can also let certain hairstyles look better. However, they should be matched. Mandy Moore likes to change her hair color frequently. She changes from a blonde to brunette, back to blonde and then brunette again. Mandy Moore’s wispy hairs in the front help her look soft and healthy, but her dark hair helps to make it look thicker. During summer, she likes to wear blonde hair which helps to bring out her flawless complexion on one hand. It helps to make her glow on the other hand.

If you know how to mix and match your hairstyle like Mandy Moore, they all work great to cover up flaws and bring out your special characteristics.