Hairstyles for an oval shaped face

Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey and Sharon Stone; three of the world’s most beautiful women, all with just one thing in common. They all have oval shaped faces. As you can also see from glossy magazines, TV shows and concerts, they all have very different hairstyles, proving just how easy it is to get the perfect look with an oval shaped face.

Sharon Stone haircut

Jennifer Aniston has been the peak of hair fashion for many years with everyone and their next door neighbor wanting the new “Rachel,” aptly named after her character in the hit TV show, “Friends.” The good news is that many of face shapes can get away with this look but in general the oval shaped face is perfect.

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle

It doesn’t matter how long your hair is, whether it’s long, short or medium length, worn on the face or swept back away from it, oval faces suit anything!

Mariah Carey Haircut

Mariah Carey is another famous face with the oval shaped face yet has a rather different style to that worn by Jennifer Aniston. Mariah has had a lot of different styles over the years from the one with lots of volume and plenty of layers to the long and poker straight long hair. So far every style has suited her which shows again the versatility of oval faces.

Sharon Stone is shining

If you have an oval face, and you can tell by a gently rounded hairline and also slight narrowing around the jaw line, you can try all manner of different styles and perhaps now would be the best time for a change.