Margaret Hale's Everyday Hair

Well, life happened and I had to pretty much abandon this project for much longer than I wanted to!  Forget excuses, there's too many to list!  I'm happy to say that I'm back with a tutorial for Margaret Hale's everyday hairstyle!

Alright, most of Margaret's hairstyles are fundamentally the same - big bush of a bun in back, center part, twisted sides.  sometimes she puts a decorative comb on top of the bun, but generally it's pretty uniform.

And here's my version…

First off, I'm going to part my hair - Margaret has a middle part that goes back halfway to her crown.  For now, pin the front hair sections out of the way.

 Once the front is all pinned up, part the back hair into three sections.  This can be done roughly, what we're going for is two narrower side sections for braids, and a thicker middle section for the base of the bun.  NOTE:  I initially tried curling the front hair slightly differently, hence the pinned up curls in some of the pictures - don't be thrown off! :) 

Put the middle section up out of the way and braid the two side sections.  

Brush the middle back section smoothly, and secure with a ponytail holder.  Curl the center back ponytail, roll the curls back up as you go, and pin them in a bun shape.

First, take a small section near the front and curl under to get that bang curl.  

Curl the rest of the side-front sections upward to get that twisted look.  Roll back up and pin in place as you go.

Next take one of the braids and wrap it around the the bun, going under with the first one and over with the second.  Pin on top - it should only take 1-2 pins, and tuck the ends under.  Curl any whispies, and spray all over with hairspray

You're done!!  Let me know how this tutorial works for you!