Jiinx Clothing Video And Photos


What started in a 10' x 10' bedroom has now grown to a veritable force to be reckoned with (so don't even think about reckoning).

The J!NX IDentity Line is an outward expression of the J!NX lifestyle. They have a hard time with moderation; when they find something they like, it is in their nature to go all out. These designs were created for everyone who pursues their interests with that same heartfelt passion. Embrace what you love.

Get Into It.

Dear Hubby and I were lucky to be able to choose a few T-shirst from Jinx and we have been so pleased with our choices.

For those that feel the need to make their addiction all the more apparent, Jinx is premiering a full line of World of Warcraft clothing and accessories. The variety of styles for both guys and girls are very sweet and will make any WoW'er feel as comfortable as you can be in the real world where your full set of Valor plate would get you funny looks instead of admiring inspections. Proclaim your devotion to the Alliance or Horde, or show your sexy side as you /dance. They've even got a baseball hat with the quest-giver exclamation mark so your WoW brethren can immediately tell that yes, you've got experience to trade for 20 spider silks.
Also new at Jinx this month are new arrivals in the World at War specialty shirts section. The shirts have designs based on the Wrath of Lich King add on and they are sweet. Also, Jinx has released their Spring shirt designs, so head on over to www.jinx.com and check out their awesome selection and deals.

Anyway, Jinx got shirts, jackets, even baseball hats with the oh-so-famous (among WoW players, at least) quest giver exclamation mark insignia. As the saying goes, "If you got it (a quest), flaunt it!"

But enough of the corny jokes. Take a look at these Jinx WoW clothing line pictures (courtesy of IGN) so you can have an idea of what we're talking about. Now, if only those shirts come with +120 mana per second...

Taken from http://fashion-life-styles.blogspot.com/