Bridal Hairstyle

There are plenty of hair salons that offer bridal hairstyling services and it is time to highlight some of the best bridal hairstylist out there. This section should grow dramatically as more and more stylists send in their photos. Well lets start by showing a beautifully done bridal hairstyle from New York City, the East Village to be exact. Hair by Stacy Pitt offers hairstyling services from simple cuts to extensions but her work on wedding hairstyles is where her talent really shows. There are some great samples of her work and the one below is one of the best.

The hair is styled in a wide updo that is full of curled pieces. The wide updo is one of the harder ways to style to match facial features but it is done very well here with enough spacing in the updo and with proper size of the curls. The floral accessory just tops off the entire look and the bride has to be very happy with such a beautiful hairstyle. Kudos to Stacy for some awesome styling work.