Margaret Hale: Style Profile

Margaret Hale is a girl with a strong personality. Never shy of shirking her duty or saying what she thinks, she is at the same time very much a lady. Her cultured tastes come through in her clothing choices.

While her outfits are up to date and stylish, she is always practical and never showy. Soft, feminine colours and dainty florals suit her well, but she can also pull off deeper shades. Take her wine coloured coat and striped black suit for example.

Margaret mingles with the best society in Milton, though her family is in reduced circumstances. Yet she proves she can dress with poise no matter what.

Blouses from

If you like to wear bits of lace, sheer blouses, and feminine florals, you might be a modern-day Margaret! Try wearing a sheer cotton floral blouse with a full, knee length skirt.

Scarves by Laura Ashley

Or a long white lace-embellished tunic with jeans. Add a fringed scarf and a pair of button earrings. And of course, you could always do your hair like Margaret’s!

Necklaces by Accessorize UK

The first necklace is a fun twist on your classic pearl necklace, and would suit the modern Margaret to perfection! Or if you prefer a simpler type of accessories, this small heart pendant would be a great touch to your outfit.

Do you dress like Margaret? Email me pictures of your Margaret Hale outfits, and I'll feature them on the blog at the end of the month!

Margaret's Hairstyles are coming soon! I'm quite busy with school right now, but I promise I will get some up as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience, and let me know what you thought of Margaret's Style Profile!!

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