How to be a Scene Kid with the Right Attitude

How to be a Scene Kid with the Right Attitude

Scene kids are now everywhere and it is pleasing to the eyes to see smart-looking kids dressed in punk attires with modern hairstyles but maintains a neat appearance and the right attitude.

If you want to be a scene kid with the right attitude, make sure that you are careful with your words. Avoid using language that is already obsolete like “rawr”. Avoid calling people by brands that they might hate you. Remember that you’re all kids, not animal species.
Even if you exude that kind of right attitude, however, expect some people to hate you. These groups may include punks, ska kids and local visitors that do not belong to the scene kids.

Be unique in your style and avoid copying words and styles of others that can annoy them. People can appreciate if you howl out of excitement sometimes, but don’t overdo it. People hate somebody who screams “purple hippos” all the time.

Display an aura that is of a descent scene kid with all your trimmings and accessories of a real scene kid, but not a happy-go-lucky kid. Your words will speak for the kind of a scene kid personality that you have.

Don’t focus yourself in one scene style, make it variable. There are a lot of glamour scenes and glamcores where you can choose from, it’s a matter of choosing the right designer label that suits your taste. Consider also sporting that kind of hairstyle that is “in” but not too weird. If you do this, you might be labeled a trying hard scene kid.