Scene Lingos are Important Part of Scene Style

Scene Lingos
A typical scene kid is one who knows the right scene lingos which emphasize an appropriate scene style. When you create your own phrases, think of short, odd adverbs that can be overused or use them instead in special occasions.

When you feel that something is really awesome, shout RADD. Typos can be applied too but scene kids who want to be unique make their own words online with friends. When one of you typos and you think it’s funny, you can use weird accent on selected words as what Britney Spears does.

If you say omgzzzz, rawr and bikthx, that’s cool. In MySpace, scene kids usually use usernames that have something to do with their favorite band or song. A lot of them say the words such as terror, strange and suicide in their names as well as copyright and trademark symbols.

Whether you are speaking on the phone or in personal, tell somebody that her clothes are so Marie Claire referring to a huge fashion icon. You can say other scene lingos like batch, you are the shag, that’s golden, you’re so cute STFU, or oh-em-gee.

Avoid using rofl and Imao, instead, you can make use of stellar, rad or yar. Refrain from using old hip hop urban slang like fashizzle and fosho. You can call each other nigga, nikka, nukka being obsessed with robots and dinosaurs.

Don’t say what the people around you are saying. You can try the Urban Dictionary to enhance your scene lingo or you can coin your own words but be sure they sound good.

Scene kids

Scene kids